Niclas Nordholt got his PhD

Niclas defended his PhD thesis, titled “Balance on many scales: Growth and gene expression in Bacillus subtilis” on January the 18th 2018. James Locke, Frank Schreiber, Rutger Hermsen, Sander Tans, Leendert Hamoen and Bas Teusink were in the thesis committee. A big thanks to the committee for their efforts, and congrats to you Dr. Niclas!

Johan van Heerden got his PhD

On January 11th Johan van Heerden defended his PhD entitled: “Dynamic regulation of yeast glycolysis through trehalose cycling:  a probabilistic view of metabolic transitions”, of which Bas was the promoter. The committee comprised of prof Stefan Hohmann, prof Hans Westerhoff, prof Barbara Bakker, prof Frank Bruggeman and Dr Aljoscha Wahl. Previous group members, Jan Berkhout and Filipe Santos were the paranymphs.


Our time-lapse segmentation and tracking algorithm can now also track growing S. pombe

We have been hard at work developing an automated segmentation and tracking tool to analyse microscopic time-lapse movies of growing bacteria. After a few minor adjustments and additions we can now also segment and track fission yeast (Schizosaccharomyces pombe) growing on an agarose pad.

Our algorithm is now in its final stages of development and testing, and should be ready for release early next year.