Avis Nugroho

Dr. Avis Nugroho

O|2 building, room 01W01

Application-oriented researcher with passion for sustainable food innovation in dairy and plant-based area through the improvements of flavors, texture, and digestibility. In 2016, I graduated with a Master degree in Food Technology from Wageningen University with specialization in Food Biotechnology & Biorefinery, where I investigated encapsulation and targeted delivery of probiotics using double W/O/W emulsion and smart capsule. Subsequently, at NIZO Food Research, I did my phD in Gouda cheesemaking and ripening optimization through cellular modulations of starter functionality based on resource allocation theory. Throghout the project, I generated various (-omics) data relating growth rates and (volatile) metabolite formation in Lactococcus lactis both in defined condition as well as dairy environment. Since May 2021, I joined Systems Biology Lab at VU Amsterdam where I am involved in the biopurification of plant protein isolates to improve their nutritional and sensorial aspects. To do this, we perform various in-vitro assays, as well as exploring in-silico approaches (bio- and cheminformatics) for strain selection and optimization. Next to that, together with Herwig Bachmann, I am also busy developing an innovative approach for adaptive evolution of various organisms.