Daan de Groot / PhD

Daan de Groot


O2 building, room 01W57
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About me

After finishing a Bachelor in Mathematics at the Vrije Universiteit, I found out that mathematics can go from ‘just beautiful’ to ‘truly interesting and beautiful’ when applied to real, physical problems. After a minor switch to a Master in Mathematical Physics at the University of Amsterdam, I learned a lot of pure mathematics while studying the holographic nature of life, the universe and everything. However, as mysterious as black holes can be, they are also not easily tested. To really see day-to-day results of mathematics I then decided that mathematical biology was the way to go.

During my PhD I will be searching for theoretical results related to the cell metabolism of yeast. In particular, I hope to learn more about the development of a cell due to the optimalization of its evolutionary fitness. As is probably clear from the previous paragraph, the theoretical results will only be satisfying to me if we can experimentally confirm them.