Emrah Özcan / Guest


O|2 building, room 01W01

About me

I received my B.Sc. degree from Department of Bioengineering at Ege University, Izmir. I continued my graduate education in the same department, and performed my M.Sc. thesis about the optimization of extracellular polysaccharides production in pneumatic bioreactors.
After getting experienced on bioprocess engineering during my M.Sc., I wanted to focus on inside the cell with a more holistic approach, which is obviously “systems biology”. Then I joined the Computational System Biology Group in Gebze Technical University where I am also currently research assistant. My Ph.D. project started with a collaboration between CSB group in Gebze Technical University and Department of Bioengineering in Marmara University, Istanbul. Now this collaboration has extended with the Systems Bioinformatics group at the VU Amsterdam.


About my project

My goal is to perform a microbial community metabolic modeling approach for lactic acid bacteria commonly used in cheese starter cultures using my own experimental data obtained from the pure and synthetic co-cultures of the lactic acid bacteria to evaluate genome-scale metabolic patterns of cheese starter cultures and to understand (if any) metabolic interactions among the lactic acid bacteria.