Esther Kriek / PhD Student

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O2 building, room 01W01
T: +31 20 59 88319
F: +31 20 59 87229


I am a PhD student in the systems bioinformatics group at the VU university. I completed my B.Sc. in biological sciences at Utrecht University as well as my M.Sc. in molecular and cellular life sciences where I specialized in the bioinformatics track.


Currently I am working within the BE-Basic projects SURE-Support and MICROcontrol. The MICROcontrol project is focusing on the potential of microbial consortia to metabolize hazardous organic compounds in order to prevent pollution and prepare residue from bio-based industries. Within this project I work on the reconstruction of metabolic maps of single species and microbial consortia from metagenome data. The facilitated reconstruction of these metabolic maps is currently my main focus.