Priyanka Chauhan / PhD student


O|2 building, room 01W57

About me

I did my under-graduate (2012-2015) with honours in Microbiology from University of Delhi, India.
My Master’s degree (2015-2017) is in Medical biotechnology with specialization in “TB Molecular biology” from All India Institute of Medical Sciences, New Delhi, India. During my post-graduation I worked on the research project entitled “Characterization of aptamers as novel inhibitors of DevR (DosR) response regulator of M.tb to target DevR mediated activation of dormancy regulon using biochemical, molecular and genetic approaches.
And now, here I am awarded with AIMMS STAR-PLUS EU funded and Marie Curie (MSCA) co-funded PhD position under supervision of Frank and Dirk.

Our proposed research aims to discover molecular strategies to quantify and control dormant and active state of Mycobacterium. So, in this study we will identify and characterize various environmental, molecular and genetic determinants (“Switching factors”) which can induce transition of mycobacteria from active to dormant state and vice versa. These “Switching Factors” will be then exploited to control the equilibrium between dormant and growing cells, and drug cocktail will be proposed that combines `switch-inducing’ factors with classical anti-tubercular drugs, henceforth, facilitating their bactericidal action against active/replicating or dormant/persistent mycobacteria.