Current funded Projects:

  • BE Basic Microcontrol: microbial communities
  • BE Basic AMBIC biofuel program: applications, (single-)cell physiology
  • BE Basic MetaToolKit: modelling methods and tools
  • EraSysApp SysMilk: applications, microbial communities
  • EraSysApp Imomesic: applications, cell physiology
  • Era-IB EcoYeast: applications, modelling methods and tools
  • VICI Teusink: (single-)cell physiology
  • VIDI Bruggeman: (single-)cell physiology
  • AIMMS bridging projects: (single-)cell physiology
  • ITN Amber: (single-)cell physiology
  • ITN denitrification: (single-)cell physiology
  • ITN MicroWinemicrobial communities
  • EraSysApp RobustYeast: systems (single-)cell physiology
  • STW 13858 product yield: applications, cell physiology

Previous projects:

  • Kluyver Centre/Netherlands Consortium Systems Biology program
  • NCSB yeast glycolysis 2.0
  • NWO Computational Life Sciences
  • NBIC Bioinformatics BR4.10
  • STW 10619 Population heterogeneity
  • STW 08080 L. lactis as cell factory
  • NWO/ALW/ SysMo2 SysMo-LAB
  • EC FP7 UniCellSys
  • NWO Computational Life Sciences MEMESA
  • NGI-ZonMW Horizon Zenith project: microbial communities
  • FOM Biosolar Toolkit program: modelling methods and tools