Sergei Chavez Abiega / PhD student

Sergei Chavez Abiega


O2 building, room 01W01
T: +31 20 598 23 51





About me

I did my Bachelor in Pharmacy and Biochemistry in Lima (Peru), and afterwards I did a double degree Master’s program in Pharmaceutical Sciences with a specialization on Drug Discovery, in the Free University of Amsterdam and the University of Copenhagen. During my studies I had the chance to do several internships in different fields, mostly in biomedical sciences, and I came to realize that I want to focus on Molecular Pharmacology and Receptor Biochemistry. I am thrilled by the mechanisms of pharmacological modulation of receptors, and I want to actively contribute to the understanding of these processes, with the ultimate goal of developing novel and better therapeutic strategies.

During my PhD project I will study ligand-biased signalling at the calcium-sensing receptor, as part of the “CaSR Biomedicine ITN”. I will use FRET sensors to monitor G protein dynamics, to assess whether bias occurs at the G protein level and to study the mechanisms that underlie this phenomenon. Additionally, I will work on a theoretical mathematical model to explain the effects of the different components in ligand-biased signalling by GPCRs.