Training of a new generation of (systems) biologists with computational skills and a systems-oriented mind set is essential for the advance modern, quantitative biology and medicine. We offer a 2-year master in Bioinformatics and Systems Biology, including lectures in experimental biology, computational biology and bioinformatics.


In our group you can perform Bachelor’s and Master’s internships. Since the research in our group is focused on close integration of theoretical and wet-lab research, you can either work in one field or a combination of both. Here is an overview of the projects.

For more information you can contact Douwe Molenaar.

Teaching materials 

Introduction to Systems Biology
  1. Lecture notes in a nutshell.

  2. The metabolic map of Synechocystis spp. PC6803 growing on glycogen.

  3. The metabolic map of Synechocystis spp. PC6803 growing on HCO3.

    If you want to make such maps yourself then run simulations at f-a-m-e.org and see also vonda.sourceforge.net.

Basic Models of Biological Networks
  1. Syllabus
Advanced Modelling in Systems Biology

BioSB course Nov 2015: Discovering Systems Biology Principles
Teachers: Evert Bosdriesz, Jacky Snoep and Frank Bruggeman
Course material:
1. Schedule and map: schedule and map
2. your own laptop (if you do not have one then work with a fellow student) to be able to make mathematical models online, using JWS Online.
3. course notes: Molecular Systems Biology in a Nutshell and Molecular Systems Biology.