Work discussion


DateFirst SessionSecond SessionComments
05-02-2018WD: CocoInformation Processing 3:
Classic, One of the first
(TIP: Nice extension)
12-02-2018WD: Lan AnhInformation Processing 4: Information theory following Frank's notes main text info theory introNOTE: auditorium 00E70
19-02-2018WD: Priyanka Information Processing 5: Information theory following Frank's notes (to be added)NOTE: auditorium 00E70
26-02-2018WD: Johan
05-03-2018No workdiscussion, due to Innsbruck conferenceNo literature discussion, due to Innsbruck conference
12-03-2018WD: EuniceWD: Chrats
19-03-2018WD: SergeiMicrobial Communities I, community FBA
NOTE: auditorium 00E70
26-03-2018WD: PaulMicrobial Communities II
02-04-2018EasterEasterno WD
09-04-2018WD: DaanMicrobial Communities III LINK
16-04-2018WD: DennisMicrobial Communities IV
NOTE: auditorium 00E70
23-04-2018WD: LauraMicrobial Communities V. On May's paradox: Will a Large Complex System be Stable?, Trophic coherence determines food-web stability
30-04-2018WD: Sieze
07-05-2018Lab retreatLab retreatNo session - lab retreat
14-05-2018WD: Phillipp Schmidt
21-05-2018Whit MondayWhit Mondayno WD

Time: Mondays 13:00 – 14.00

Location: 01W08

T: Teaching, WD: Workdiscussion, LD: literature discussion (lead by PI)

Teaching: A PI teaches a particular topic which is of general interest to our research.

Literature discussion: A paper is discussed and this discussion is chaired by a PI. The PI and the audience raise particular discussion points which are discussed. We all read the paper.


  • Talks of 20 ‘ + 10’ discussion
  • Your talk should not necessarily be a finished story, but rather provoke discussion
  • Issues with the date? Switch (in time!) with somebody else and inform Frank