Work discussion


DateFirst SessionSecond Session
13-2-2017T: Cultivation methods and quantitative cell growth parametersT: Cultivation methods and quantitative cell growth parameters batch and chemostat growth
20-2-2017WD: DaanLD: Pirt equation and Maintenance energy
Link to Pirt's paper
27-2-2017WD: SiezeLD: Monod equation and diauxi Monod's paper
6-3-2017WD: DennisLD: Balanced and Fluxes
Paper for discussion [PDF]
(in case you want to go one step further with the experimental data: Paper for extended discussion)
13-3-2017T: Metabolic control analysisT: Metabolic control analysis
(Bas and Frank) link to Jim Burns' thesis
20-3-2017WD: EstherLD: Hofmeyr paper regulation paper
27-3-2017WD: BrettLD: Supply & Demand theory Suppy and demand paper
3-4-2017WD: Phillipp SchmidtLD: Steve Oliver's paper [paper]
10-4-2017T: FBA and ME ModelsT: FBA and ME Models
24-4-2017WD: RinkeLD: Bas JBC paper
01-5-2017WD: PaulLD: Ibarra & Palsson, Nature paper Link to Paper
08-5-2017WD: Phillipp Savakis
15-5-2017T: Resource Allocation and Growth lawsLD: O' Brien & Palsson, ME Model paper link
22-5-2017WD: JurgenLD: Douwe's Model and Malloe's relation
29-5-2017WD: WilliLD: Scott & Hwa paper
12-6-201701W08 not available01W08 not available
19-6-2017NALD: Basan & Hwa paper link
26-6-2017T: EvolutionT: Evolution
3-7-2017WD: CocoLD: Lenski paper paper link 1 paper link
10-7-2017WD: Lahn-anLD: Dijkhuizen, fitness landscape and control paper link
17-7-2017WD:RickLD: Morbidostat paper link
T: Stochasticity of cellsT: Stochasticity of cells
WD:LD: Elowitz
WD:LD: Cox & Golding AND Xie
WD:LD: Theory

Time: Mondays 13:00 – 14.00

Location: 01W08

T: Teaching, WD: Workdiscussion, LD: literature discussion (lead by PI)

Teaching: A PI teaches a particular topic which is of general interest to our research.

Literature discussion: A paper is discussed and this discussion is chaired by a PI. The PI and the audience raise particular discussion points which are discussed. We all read the paper.


  • Talks of 20 ‘ + 10’ discussion
  • Your talk should not necessarily be a finished story, but rather provoke discussion
  • Issues with the date? Switch (in time!) with somebody else and inform Jurgen