Welcome to the Systems Biology Lab


Our lab studies the molecular networks inside cells that give rise to cell behavior and fitness, in isolation and in interaction with other cells and their environment. We focus on the principles and general understanding of how those networks adapt in response to environmental and genetic changes. We combine mathematical modelling, theory, and experiments. We apply the fundamental insights and methods in a biotechnological and biomedical setting.

The Systems Biology lab is divided in four Research Groups:

Single-cell metabolism and gene expression regulation

Microbial ecology and Modeling

Cell Physiology and Applications

Mining microbiota to ferment foods for human health

Examples of the type of research questions we ask are:

 optimality plot How do networks rewire when cells are confronted with new conditions?

population_cell How does the heterogeneity at the single-cell level affect population-level behaviour?

kefirHow do (microbial) cells form stable ecosystems?

emulsion evolution Can we characterise the optimal states of (metabolic) networks under different selective pressures?

Bioessays paper-04How do biochemical and physical constraints at the level of molecules shape trade-offs that affect the evolution of molecular networks?

ppGppHow do networks and regulatory molecules integrate multiple signals to steer the networks towards desired states?