A new paper by us about metabolic optimality!

In this PLoS Comp Bio paper, we study how metabolic constraints and optimisation objectives influence optimal states of metabolism and how those optimal states can be expressed in terms of metabolic routes. Optimal states are often represented by optimal-solution spaces, which are mathematical objects that cannot be readily interpreted. We express such solution spaces in terms of metabolic pathways that are intuitive and understandable by biochemists and biotechnologist studying metabolism. This paper is related to one of our previous papers, which can be found here.

Evert Bosdriesz defended his thesis with success

On April the 13th, Evert defended his thesis in front of a committee with Ron Milo for Weizmann, Jack Pronk from TU Delft, Lodewijk Wessels from NKI, Pieter Rein Tenwolde from Amolf, Joost Teixeira de Mattos from the Univ of Amsterdam, and Hans Westerhoff from VU, UvA and Univ of Manchester. Douwe and Frank were co-promoters.

The lab has already had a productive 2015

Curious which papers the lab produced? Try this pubmed query. You will find our new work on:

  • Integrative Omics analysis of L lactis at different growth rates in the chemostat
  • Microbial community modelling
  • Solution spaces of genome-scale models
  • Optimality principles of nutrient-uptake and growth rate
  • Single-cell measurement of single RNA molecules


We have just had a great lab retreat!

We stayed in Dalfsen where we rented a house for three days. We had great fun doing science, playing games and making meals with each other. We also worked on this website which we hope to finish soon. Niclas organised the event this year and we all thank him for that.