paper by Johan got three stars recommendation at F1000

Herbert Sauro, systems and synthetic biologist from University of Washington, Seattle, recommended the 2015 BioEssays review that Johan wrote together with Frank and Bas, saying it is an essential read for biochemistry textbook writers. The review is about the regulation of glycolysis, explained from a functional supply-demand perspective. See Access the recommendation on F1000Prime for the recommendation text.
Thanks for the warm words Herbert!

Another theorist went to the wet/dark side

Another theorist has been spotted in the lab yesterday. Daan de Groot, in the picture trying to pipet water into a tube with the cap still on, will try to validate a theoretical prediction.

Coco van Boxtel, everybody’s favorite red-haired lab worker, will guide him through the process, thereby ensuring upcoming successes. The first success has already been spotted: E. coli seems to thrive on the medium that was made.