Success with grant proposals: vacancies!

Our lab has been rather successful lately with grants. Frank obtained a new EraSysApp grant for yeast systems biology (PD for 2 years), Bas got a STW proposal funded (1 PhD still open) for developing methods to select for product yield using our water-in-oil emulsion system (see Bachmann PNAS 2013).

Bas is still looking for a postdoc (up to 4 years) with experience in biophysics/microfluidics for his VICI project.

Coco van Boxtel wins STAR PhD project

Coco van Boxtel wins the NWO-STAR Master student competition (together with three others) for her proposal on scheduling antibiotic drugs to fight microbial infections. STAR is an initiative of NWO, the Dutch funding agency, from which our Institute (AIMMS) obtained a grant to support 4 PhD projects on antimicrobial research.

Visit to Eric van Nimwegen in Basel

four of us (Frank, Bas, Johan and Coco) have visited the lab of Eric van Nimwegen in Basel to see the “Mother Machine” in action and to discuss single-cell growth, regulation of gene expression and many more things. Very useful and enjoyable!