Incredibly sad news: lab member Wilfred Roling passed away

With shock and disbelieve we learned that our colleague, collaborator and supervisor dr Wilfred Roling, associated professor from our department, died on Friday the 25th of September, at the age of 48 years. Wilfred was passionate about science, our expert in microbial ecology, and a quiet rock in the often dynamic organisation of the department. We will miss him dearly.


Iraes Rabbers got her first 1st author paper

Iraes wrote a very concise and clear review on

Metabolism at Evolutionary Optimal States


Metabolism is generally required for cellular maintenance and for the generation of offspring under conditions that support growth. The rates, yields (efficiencies), adaptation time and robustness of metabolism are therefore key determinants of cellular fitness. For biotechnological applications and our understanding of the evolution of metabolism, it is necessary to figure out how the functional system properties of metabolism can be optimized, via adjustments of the kinetics and expression of enzymes, and by rewiring metabolism. The trade-offs that can occur during such optimizations then indicate fundamental limits to evolutionary innovations and bioengineering. In this paper, we review several theoretical and experimental findings about mechanisms for metabolic optimization.


New paper out by Jurgen Haanstra

Biogenesis, maintenance and dynamics of glycosomes in trypanosomatid parasites


Glycosomes are specialized peroxisomes in protists of the taxon Kinetoplastea

Glycosomes compartmentalize enzymes of glycolysis and some other metabolic processes

Compartmentation compensates for a lack of feedback regulation of glycolytic enzymes

Glycosome turnover and dynamics play important roles in remodelling of metabolism

A glycosome-targeted phosphatase participates in lifecycle differentiation signalling