Training of a new generation of (systems) biologists with computational skills and a systems-oriented mind set is essential for the advance modern, quantitative biology and medicine. We offer a 2-year Master in Bioinformatics and Systems Biology, including lectures in experimental biology, computational biology and bioinformatics.  We are also involved in teaching various courses for the Bachelor in Biomedical Sciences and Masters in Biomedical and Biomolecular Sciences.


Students can do various types of projects in our lab. We supervise bachelor and master internship projects but you can also find supervisors for your literature thesis. Practical internships can be in the wet lab (here termed experimental) , can be computational (here termed theoretical) or can consist of a combination of those two.  All of them qualify as ‘research internships’ in virtually all of the study programs.To find a list of available projects, see the the internships pages linked to the three research themes of the lab:

Cell Physiology and Applications

Single-cell Physiology

Modeling and Microbial Communities

For more information you can contact directly the research themes coordinators.

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