Julia Lischke / Postdoc

O|2 building, room 01W09

I am focusing on the EU H2020 ERA CoBioTech funded project Yoghurt Design. In this project we will develop new models and modelling techniques to describe the behavior of microbial communities for the production of designer yoghurt.
Research interests
Genome-scale modelling, modelling of microbial communities and heterogeneities within single species cultivations
About me
I obtained my Diploma degree (MSc equiv.) in technical Biology 2014 from the University of Stuttgart, Germany. My undergraduate research project focused on metabolic engineering conducted at Jens Nielsen’s group in Gothenburg. Then I focused on mathematical modelling of signal pathways in murine hepatocytes in the group of Oliver Sawodny. I continued working as a researcher at the Institute for Systems Dynamics with Prof. Sawodny, where I modeled severe side effects during chemotherapy with 5-FU and performed mathematical analysis of heterogeneity in the metabolism of E.coli in large-scale bioreactors. Since 2018, I am joining  Prof. Bas Teusink as Postdoc bringing my experience into modelling of microbial communities.